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Accurate Parts for Penn Reels

Ace Line Hauler

Accurate Conversion Kits for Penn Reels have been around for a while.  In fact sadly they are no longer in production so finding them has become increasingly difficult.  I converted a Penn 6/0 114 Senator Special with a full Accurate conversion kit a few years back and the reel is as solid as the day I upgraded it.  Recently I’ve found partial kits on ebay and other online sources for various other Penn Reels (Penn 4/0 113 Senator, Penn 140 Jigmaster, and a Penn Squidder) but complete Accurate conversion kits are nearly completely unavailable.  There are still some AccuFrames, and Accuplates out there but of course the fact that these items are rare and still in demand has driven the asking price up.  Converting any Penn Reel with Accurate parts is a worthwhile project.

Penn Accurate Conversion Kit

A full conversion kit includes, Accuplates (with bearings), an Accuframe, high speed stainless steel gears, rod clamp and handle. AccuPlates are sideplates that enhance your Penn reel’s performance, with improved bearings, tighter tolerances, better casting capability and freespool.  AccuFrames improve the reel’s strength and eliminates line eating between frame and sideplate. The AccuFrame provides the most significant improvement you can make to improve your Penn’s performance.