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Elec-Tra-Mate 440XP Series Electric Fishing Reel

Ace Line Hauler

Electramate XP Series Electric Fishing Reel kits for Penn Reels

The Electramate 440-XP electric fishing reel kit combined with a Penn 113H 4/0 Special Senator Reel is the perfect combination for deep water bottom fishing.  It is also a very popular choice for professional captains and recreational anglers using who use kites to swim baits The ELEC-TRA-MATE 440-XP is lightweight and powerful enough to raise a large grouper, snapper, cod, or haddock from under 200 feet.  For increased line capacity while maintaining a lightweight and perfect balance, the 440-XP also fits the Penn Special Senator 113HL 4/0 and 113HLW 4/0 Reels. 

I use the 440-XP mainly on my kite rod.  It makes retrieving the kite fast and easy.  If you have ever been lucky enough to hook a large tuna you can appreciate the need to clear all lines (kite included) before the fight begins.  This reel is also a great asset for bottom fishing. 

Elec-Tra-Mate Electric Fishing ReelsElectramate 440-XP

The 440XP mounts to a Penn Senator 113 in minutes.  I’ve taken the Elec-Tra-Mate 440XP completely apart to inspect and grease the gear train.  It is easily serviceable but be warned the gears are not locked down so if you don’t keep the unit level when you take it apart you may have a hard time putting it back together.  Overall I love this product and would recommend that every boat have one (or more) of these onboard.

Other ELEC-TRA-MATE models designed for PENN REELS:


The 430-XP with Penn 330 GTi make the perfect combination where increased power and extra fast retrieve speed are needed such as "Kite" fishing for sailfish or use as a big game "Teaser Reel" to bring in those teasers fast! It's small size makes it easy to mount on bridge rail or under a T-Top and stores easily in a small boat. It is also great for landing large dolphin, king mackerel, and other species. Shown with optional Toggle Switch.


The "New" 435-XP powers the "New" 340 GTi (4/0 size) and 345 GTi (5/0 size) Super Level Wind Reels from Penn. The model 435-XP and Penn 435 GTi now offer the Angler a lightweight 5/0 size electric powered fishing reel combination with level wind for heavy-duty line capacity applications such as wreck fishing for snapper, grouper, or drifting for Alaskan halibut. A fast 501 feet per minute maximum retrieve speed gets the fish in fast from deep water. Shown with Penn 345 GTi Super Level Wind Reel.



 All New" 600-XP delivers with a maximum retrieve speed of 513 feet per minute when attached to the 114 6/0 Penn Reel. Shown with Penn 114 6/0 Reel.



The 620-XP is designed for heavy-duty applications where power is important, the "All New" 620-XP is the model you need. It attaches easily to any 6/0 Penn Reel with appropriate brackets. The 620-XP features a powerful permanent magnet motor with a maximum retrieve speed of 326 feet per minute with the Penn Senator 114 6/0 and 435 feet per minute with the 114H, 114HL, or "New" 114HLW 6/0 Special Senator Reel. Whether fishing for grouper, snapper, cod, halibut, or other species, the 620-XP is the most powerful 6/0 electric fishing reel drive available. Shown with Penn 114 6/0 Reel.



The 920-XP and 940-XP are not for the faint of heart and features powerful permanent magnet motors which delivers more power than ever available to land fish as deep as 2,000 feet or more! Whether fishing for tuna, grouper, halibut or other large fish, the 920-XP and 940-XP are the models to choose. Both come standard with toggle switch and case hardened gears for longer life in commercial applications.

The 920-XP is a high speed model with a retrieve speed of 524 feet per minute when used with the Penn 12/0. The 940-XP is geared lower for more pulling power and has a retrieve speed of 333 feet per minute when used with the Penn 12/0. See them today at your favorite tackle dealer... you won't believe the POWER!