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Mercury 200HP EFI low oil

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Mercury EFI | 4 Beeps Every 2 Minutes

False low oil warning - four beeps every two minutes

My 2002 Mercury EFI (200HP) gave an error code, 4 beeps every two 2 minutes.   This code can mean water in the fuel system or a low oil condition, among other things.  Changing the water separator filter is STEP ONE.   If you still get 4 beeps every two minutes the next place to look is the oil tank assembly.  STEP TWO Verify the oil tank is pushing oil. Loosen the cap on the top of the tank while the engine is at idol, oil should ever flow out of the loose cap.  If tank is sending oil you may be getting a false low oil warning due to a faulty sensor.  The sensor should be closed under normal operating conditions.  If the circuit is open (ie broken wire, bad switch or unplugged) the motor (2002 Mercury EFI 200HP) will error with four beeps every two minutes.  If you don’t have a multi meter handy you can isolate the switch to troubleshoot the issue.  STEP 3 Disconnect the low oil sensor by unplugging the two wire connection.  STEP 3A To gain access the low oil sensor connector you may have to remove the three bolts that hold the oil tank assembly to the block.  STEP 4 Make a jump wire and use it to connect the two wires you removed from the low oil sensor.  STEP 5 Start your engine…wait…wait….wait…is the error gone?  It worked for me, and I hope if you are reading this it also works for you.  If the 4 beeps every two minutes error on your Mercury EFI has stopped with the jump wire installed you now know you need to replace the low oil sensor (about $20).  This is the second time I’ve had to replace the sensor on my 2002 Mercury EFI 200HP 2.5 liter outboard.  It seems to be a pretty common failure and it would be nice if Mercury redesigned the faulty sensor.  They don’t hold up over time (about 4 years in between failures).

Mercury EFI  Oil reservoir assembly 4 beeps every 2 minutes

Unfortunately, if you are still getting the error my advice ends here.  I’m not a mechanic and I don’t recommend you even try to diagnose or fix your outboard if you are not comfortable with what is under the cowling.  The internet can be a great resource (which is why I put this information online) but it can also get you in deeper trouble if you don’t know anything about what you are doing.  There, I said my piece, now go fix your boat!