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Penn International 50 Series Reels

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The original Penn International 50 reel was produced back in 1967. The design evolved over time to the Penn International 50T, Penn 50w and then Penn 50TW, all being single speed reels.   Many two-speed 50 series reels followed including the Penn 50s, Penn 50SW, Penn 50VW, and Penn 50VSW models.  The Penn International and Penn International II 50 class reels are probably the most popular big game reels in use for standup fishing in the world.  They are built like a brick and will stand the test of time.  The gold anodozed aluminum finish looks so nice you will have to give a speech to anyone who you let use the reel.

Penn International 50 reels

A new Penn International II 50VSW reel will cost you around $500.  You can almost always find used Penn 50 series reels on ebay.  I purchased a Penn International 50 (single speed) reel in ebay for $200 delivered.  To be on the safe side I spent a few bucks replacing/upgrading the drag so my total investment was closer to $260 but now I know the reel is mechanically solid.   

Penn International II 50VSW


The most advanced 2-speed International ever, these reels are destined to become a favorite with stand-up and big game anglers. The NEW, more versatile, Bio-Drive Retrieve system combines an ergonomically designed, one-piece frame with a one touch, push button shifting system, Penn's powerful double disc HT100 drag and the newly designed handle allows the angler to become one with the reel. The new generation Rotary Tuned lever drag has an extra long 150-degree quadrant that starts at free spool, moves to a new strip drag position for dropping back baits, chunking or live bait fishing and finishes with an expanded striking and fish-fighting zone to match any condition or big game adversary. As in all Penn Internationals, these reels are built with quality stainless steel main and pinion gears, stainless steel ball bearings, and a gold, anodized, aluminum frame and side plates. Combine these reels with an Outer Banks IGFA trolling rod for chair fishing or an Outer Banks Stand-up rod for exciting action.


• New contoured one piece machined aluminium frame
• Forged, machined side plates and spool
• Stainless steel gears
• Newly designed handle for an easier cranking reel
• Penn Bio-Drive™ retrieve